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Published 15.03.2021 by Schmitt Trading Ltd

As described in my previous posts, it is not so easy to make the decision for either WordPress.com or WordPress.org.

As a company, I have had my own webspace and domain Schmitt-Trading.com since its foundation in 2016.

Nevertheless, I kept writing content about my business ideas on different WordPress.com sites:

Jump to Schmitt Publishing

Jump to Schmitt Car Trading

Jump to Schmitt Car Accessories

Jump to Schmitt Trading Software

Jump to Schmitt Trading

Jump to Schmitt Translations

Jump to Schmitt Lighting

These websites are still up and running.

Advantages of WordPress.org

As WordPress.org requires a self-hosted solution, I was well-prepared with my own web server.

The original sitemap was planned to look like this (German and English):


de.schmitt-trading.com                                                                      en. schmitt-trading.com

de.Wissensportal Finanzen                                                       en.portal for financial literacy

de.Marc Redwitz                                                                                         en.Marc Redwitz

de.Buchverlag                                                                                                  en.publishing

de.Aktienhandel                                                                                               en.daytrading

de.Handelssoftware                                                                                  en.trading software

de.Autos                                                                                                                  en.cars

de.Trinkwassergewinnung                                                          en.Drinking water production

de.The Ocean Cleanup                                                                         en.The Ocean Cleanup

de.Wasser 3.0                                                                                                    en.Wasser 3.0

de.katadyn.com                                                                                              en.katadyn.com

de.Sonnenenergie                                                                                           en.solar energy

de.Windenergie                                                                                               en.wind energy

As my web server also includes CPanel, I could easily create subdomains and setup new WordPress installations on them.

Disadvantages of WordPress.org

When I host my WordPress installation by myself, I am also responsible for the complete administration.

But I do not want to care for updates or security patches.

I want to participate in the WordPress.com community and share my content and reblog the content of others.

In my undertanding, this is not possible with WordPress.org as I am not logged in the WordPress.com community.

Advantages of WordPress.com

WordPress.com is a closed system on the internet.

I just log into my account and start blogging from there.

The company behind it – Automattic Inc. – is responsible for maintenance, updates and security patches.

I do not have to care about these “technical issues”.

According to Automattic Inc. they have many internet servers on the whole world.

So I guess that availability and up time is no issue at all.

Furthermore, WordPress.com offers a huge community of other bloggers.

Via my WordPress.com account, I can get into contact with all these other bloggers around the world.

I find this very exciting and I am fascinated about the input I get on a daily basis.

When I like a blog post of another WordPress.com blogger, I just click the icon “Reblog” and the blog post will immediately be published on my website!

This is a very comfortable way to promote other bloggers and to build a network of like-minded people.

Furthermore, I can also click the “Like” button as known from other social media channels.

If I like to post a comment, I can also do so.

Disadvantages of WordPress.com

WordPress.com is a closed system.

The website is hosted by Automattic Inc. in the United States of America.

If you have privacy concerns with websites hosted on American servers, this may be a severe issue.

I am aware that if the American government decides to shut down WordPress.com, my website content will be gone.

This is why I regularly backup my content.

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