Car Sharing

Schmitt Trading Ltd offers classic Mercedes cars for car sharing.

Please see our new building and first models here:


Every car will be equipped with a MiFi router and full internet connection.

The cockpit will look a little bit like Tesla’s Model S with the big tablet inside:


Foto by jurvetson (Steve Jurvetson) / CC BY

The smartphones attached to the center console will provide Google Maps for navigation and music for entertainment.


Furthermore, the rental cars will be equipped with an OBD2-Adapter to display the motor data:

Produktbild ZX-3017

Here is the latest member of the Schmitti family – a Mercedes-Benz CLK320:

2020-06-19 Schmitt Car Rental 12020-06-19 Schmitt Car Rental 22020-06-19 Schmitt Car Rental 32020-06-19 Schmitt Car Rental 42020-06-19 Schmitt Car Rental 52020-06-19 Schmitt Car Rental 6

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