Mobile Solar Power Station

Mobile Solar Power Station

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Mobile Solar Power Station

An electric power system is a network of electrical components deployed to supply, transfer, and use electric power. An example of a power system is the electrical grid that provides power to homes and industry within an extended area. The electrical grid can be broadly divided into the generators that supply the power, the transmission system that carries the power from the generating centers to the load centers, and the distribution system that feeds the power to nearby homes and industries. Smaller power systems are also found in industry, hospitals, commercial buildings and homes. The majority of these systems rely upon three-phase AC power—the standard for large-scale power transmission and distribution across the modern world. Specialized power systems that do not always rely upon three-phase AC power are found in aircraft, electric rail systems, ocean liners, submarines and automobiles.

Source: Electric power system, (last visited Mar. 29, 2021).

A Mobile Solar Power Station refers to a system of one or several portable solar panels and a portable solar generator.

I bought this system from a German retailer and tested it for several days.

Foldable solar panel:

Solar generator:

The following sets are available:

Here is my report:

The 12 V output does not work correctly

After I connected four electrical consumers with 0.2 W each to the solar generator, the consumers did not work.

When I connected the four electrical consumers directly to the solar panels, they worked perfectly.

The solar generator does not load and output simultaneously

I later wrote in Pearl’s FAQs that this solar generator cannot load and output electricity at the same time.

This is a big disadvantage as I want to use my laptop in the garden and run on solar energy!

Solar generator overload

I loaded the solar generator when the solar panel was located in the shadow and it worked quite well.

Once I moved the solar panels into the sun to load faster, the solar generator broke down.

Now, the two blue status LEDs do not stop flashing although nothing is connected to the solar generator any more.

I will send the complete set back next week.

Update: the return of the products was accepted and my money was refunded.

1000 W Solar Power Station

The more I think about such mobile systems, the clearer the idea becomes.

I would like to combine the mobile solar generator with the high-power rooftop solar modules.

This does not seem to work as these modules are more than 100 cm wide which means that they do not fit into my car with 90 cm width.

Clearly, this seems to be the only solution:

Buy the largest mobile solar power system with e.g. 1000 W:

Buy the largest mobile solar panel with e.g. 260 W:

EAN: 4022107383325

Dimensions opened: 118 x 133 x 4 cm

Dimensions closed: 118 x 66 x 8 cm

Weight: 19 kg

Terminology / Glossary

Solar irradiance is the power per unit area received from the Sun in the form of electromagnetic radiation as measured in the wavelength range of the measuring instrument

Solar energy is radiant light and heat from the Sun

Solar power is the conversion of energy from sunlight into electricity

Photovoltaics (PV) is the conversion of light into electricity using semiconducting materials

A photovoltaic system, also PV system or solar power system, is a power system designed to supply usable solar power by means of photovoltaics

A photovoltaic system employs solar modules, each comprising a number of solar cells

A solar cell, or photovoltaic cell, is an electrical device that converts the energy of light directly into electricity by the photovoltaic effect

The term solar panel is used colloquially for a photo-voltaic (PV) module.

A PV module is an assembly of photo-voltaic cells mounted in a framework for installation

A collection of PV modules is called a PV Panel, and a system of Panels is an Array

Arrays of a photovoltaic system supply solar electricity to electrical equipment

Photovoltaic modules use light energy (photons) from the Sun to generate electricity through the photovoltaic effect

Multiple solar cells in an integrated group, all oriented in one plane, constitute a solar photovoltaic panel or module


solar irradianceSonneneinstrahlungirradiation solaireradiacion solar
solar insolationSolarstrahlungirradiation solaireradiacion solar
solar energySolarenergieénergie solaireenergía solar
solar energySonnenenergieénergie solaireenergía solar
solar powerSolarstroménergie solaireenergía solar
photovoltaic systemPhotovoltaikanlagesystème photovoltaïquesistema fotovoltaico
PV systemPV-Anlagesystème photovoltaïquesistema fotovoltaico
solar power systemSolargeneratorsystème photovoltaïquesistema fotovoltaico
solar inverterSolar-Konverterconvertisseur solaireinversor fotovoltaico
solar inverterSolarwechselrichteronduleur solaireinversor fotovoltaico
solar power systemSolarstromanlagesystème photovoltaïquesistema fotovoltaico
solar cellSolarzellecellule solairecélula solar
photovoltaic cellphotovoltaische Zellecellule photovoltaïquecélula fotoeléctrica
solar panelSolarmodulpanneau solairepanel solar
photovoltaic modulePhotovoltaikmodulpanneau photovoltaïquemódulo solar
pv modulePV-Modulpanneau photovoltaïquemódulo solar

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