Personal trading style

I would describe myself as a daytrader with a mix of trend following and contrarian investing strategy.

I cannot image longtime investing or swing trading strategies because if I am wrong, the error may eventually show up after days or even weeks of waiting for the right movement.

This is why I am trading on a daily basis with 1-10 trades per day.

I define a trade as a setup I consider and carry out. In many cases, I do not buy or sell the maximum trade size immediately but rather piece by piece. Consequently, my trading history shows several individual trades summing up to the complete trade.

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Here an example of my recent Long trade in the Dow Jones Industrial index:

Time Symbol Type Direct. Volume Price Profit
2017.11.15 15:42:43 UsaInd buy in 1.00 23 265,26 0,00
2017.11.15 15:54:16 UsaInd buy in 1.00 23 259,48 0,00
2017.11.15 16:08:38 UsaInd sell out 2.00 23 293,35  262,34

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