Short trade in the Dow Jones Industrial future

As I explained in my last post, the cash index pays dividends if held overnight and the future does not cost anything overnight.

As usual, I started the trade slowly built it up with the time

Time Symbol Type Direction Volume Price Profit
2017.12.14 16:21:18 UsaIndDec17 sell in 0.10 24630 0.00
2017.12.14 16:23:04 UsaIndDec17 sell in 0.10 24631 0.00
2017.12.14 16:24:36 UsaIndDec17 sell in 0.10 24630 0.00
2017.12.14 16:30:55 UsaIndDec17 sell in 1.00 24625 0.00
2017.12.14 16:31:07 UsaIndDec17 sell in 1.00 24621 0.00
2017.12.14 16:37:19 UsaIndDec17 sell in 1.00 24638 0.00
2017.12.14 16:39:11 UsaIndDec17 sell in 0.70 24632 0.00
2017.12.14 16:44:25 UsaIndDec17 sell in 0.70 24635 0.00
2017.12.14 16:46:33 UsaIndDec17 sell in 0.30 24633 0.00
2017.12.14 17:25:28 UsaIndDec17 buy out 5.00 24597 700.12

I went short pro cyclical this means after the index had already fallen:

Reduce the risk in the short trade

The long trade in the cash index fell into the stop, sell the future

24645 last high

Wider stop

Still under the red line

Sell at the red line

Risk is rising even more

Sell again

Moving in the right direction

Up again

Sell again

Enormous risk

Sell again

1 point equals 20 Euros so I sold 20 Lots:

Waiting for the new low:

It is coming:

Reduce the risk to 10 points:

Still no new low

Next aim 24620

It is coming

There it comes

Still on the horizontal support:

Here we go:

Back in the minus

Down again

Correct the red line

Stop to entry level

Stop into profit so that the daily loss is compensated:

83 points down from the ATH

Take the profit stop further down:

Set the profit stop to a new record profit of 550 Euros:

Keep it or sell it?

Finally stopped out

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