7 Reasons Why an Own Domain is So Important

Published 25.04.2021 by Schmitt Trading Ltd

In today’s world, nobody can underestimate the importance of owning a domain and having a strong internet or online presence, especially when it has been known to expose people’s businesses and marketable ideas to the world and make them rich or famous. In the present day, what usually happens is that online visitors or potential customers search the internet or World Wide Web for ideas, products, or services that are being offered by people who own domains.

You need a domain to offer products or services. Having a domain is a great resource in this digital age because it serves as a passport that can enable the owner to participate in a wide range of activities on the internet which is one of the most powerful tools of communication ever invented by mankind. Having a domain on the internet is highly valuable, and will continue to be valuable over time.

With most of the world’s shopping taking place on the World Wide Web, the traditional way of marketing has changed drastically, and one of the best and easiest ways to reach out to the public is by getting yourself a domain that should be filled with relevant, helpful, and unique information. The internet is quite easy to navigate through, if you own a domain—especially if it has the potential to grow continuously—then you could drastically increase your chances of making money or becoming popular online and around the world.

The Importance of Owning a Domain: 7 Reasons:

1. It is important to own a domain because it can make your business visible online, give it a more professionally credible outlook, and further separate you from multitudes of other types of businesses that are either offline (physical) or online (digital): a domain will make online visitors more aware of what you have to offer, and it can continuously attract customers in increasing numbers in the future.

2. It is important to own a domain because it can help establish the unique identity of your business, enhance your online reputation, and present your business goals in a forward-thinking way, thus showcasing you as a visionary, regardless of whether you provide free information or sell products.
Your domain can accommodate and highlight many aspects of your professional life, reveal your working history and examples of your work or accomplishments, and plans for the present and future.

3. It is so important to own a domain because it can provide a platform for you to monetize your skills, ideas, or products. Owning a domain can allow your business (selling, buying, freelancing, etc.) to thrive, no matter how you move around, or where you move to; even if you move from one country to another, or from one part of the world to another, you can still make money from your domain and continue building your business or brand without having to start all over from the scratch—if you change your physical location.

4. It is so important to own a domain because it can increase your ranking and popularity on search engines (like Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc.) which are major pathways to the wide internet world. If you can succeed in building your business by making it useful to people’s lives, then your domain will become more visible and popular on search engines, thereby attracting more and more visitors, and customers. Google (the greatest search engine giant or platform) likes domains and could rank your domain high if you do the right things: doing the right things can give you money, satisfaction, and fame. Although it is almost impossible to predict how Google’s algorithm coordinates its search results, it is believed by many SEO professionals that if you use relevant and popularly searched keywords, and provide helpful information or services, you could attract the attention of Google and increase your ranking and chances of making internet visitors find you and your domain.

5. It is so important to own a domain because it can help you develop a competitive edge over your competitors who are in the same niche or sector as you: having a domain would put you or your brand on the same level-playing field as giant brands or companies, and help you compete alongside your competitors, even if they are greater than you at the moment.

6. It is so important to own a domain because you can use it as a centralized location for all your social media platforms or profiles such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, etc. Generally speaking, your domain can serve as the center for outreach to various aspects of your digital life on different social media platforms—if have an account on any of them.
Information is likely much more secure on domains than on social media networks. You can share your ideas, content, or services in one place (on your domain) and send it out at once to all your social media networks: all your content that is scattered across the internet can be put in a single and centralized location—on your domain.

7. It is so important to own a domain because it can help you to attract clients, employers, and job recruiters, especially those who are interested in content production, digital marketing, or digital media. Creating unique and relevant content on your domain can reflect much about your personality, and be an important asset that could draw the attention of people who need your services; in fact, owning a domain can further push your career upwards. Having a domain can make it easier for recruiters, HR managers, and employers to find you.
If you are self-employed or run a business or in this digital age, it is quite common to be asked questions such as: “Do you have a website?”, “Where can you be found online?”, and “What presence do you have on the World Wide Web”? Nowadays, many people expect individuals and businesses to be represented professionally on the internet.

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