8 Reasons Why Link Building is Important for Your Site

Published 30.04.2021 by Schmitt Trading Ltd

If you’re interested in creating unique content that many sources would continuously link to, and initiate a link building campaign that could make your site occupy top positions on search engine results pages (SERPs), then you need to know what link building is about, and how important it is for SEO.

Research shows that link building is a major factor that makes websites rank high on Google’s pages. Knowledge of the importance of link building can always inspire you to create high-quality content which can outshine top-ranking web pages from other sites, and secure top positions for your site on Google.

The right way to build links that would sustain your site and business, in the long run, is to earn link building instead of buying it or using manipulative tactics such as “black-hat SEO” which can get your site removed from the search results.

7 Reasons Why an Own Domain is So Important

It’s very possible to create content that can make visitors and sites link back to your site, and increase your site’s link building: you can achieve this feat by putting in the necessary effort to make your site link-worthy. Great and relevant content is always capable of making visitors and sites reference other sites that are managed from any part of the world.

When search engines crawl each site on the internet, they extract content available on its pages and add it to their (the search engines’) indexes. By doing so, they assess whether a web page has sufficient quality and should be ranked high or low because of its quality and keywords; but search engines don’t only focus on the quality of content on a web page, they also focus on the number of links that link back (create link building) to the site.

Link building is created from external sites; the more high-quality websites that link back to a site, the more its web page or pages would rank high in search engine results. That said, it is important to note that not all the links (that link back to a site) are created equal: links from authoritative sites help a site rank higher than links from sites that are yet to gain any reputation on the internet.

But, What is Link Building in SEO?

In search engine optimization, link building is a process whereby sites link back (create backlinks) to a site. If you create great content that is capable of initiating link building (backlinks) from other sites, then it means that those sites would link back to your site. Link building can increase the chances for your web pages to rank higher.

Why Should You Initiate Link Building?

Take your time to create great content that can be valuable enough to initiate link building which still continues to be an important factor search engines use to determine sites or pages that deserve to occupy their top positions.

Link building serves as proof to Google that a site has high-quality content, and is considered to be worthy of citation, especially from visitors and reputable sites. Therefore, sites that have more backlinks tend to rank higher on search engines.

The Following are 8 Reasons Why Link Building is Important for Your Site

1. Link building can increase your site’s exposure or visibility, help you reach an audience on the internet, regardless of their physical geographical location; and it can support lead generation, and create other benefits stated in the other 7 reasons listed below. An increase in exposure can have a great positive impact on your site, brand, or business, and quickly help establish your site on the internet.

2. Link building can increase traffic to your site; it’s one of the most relevant ways to attract audiences and backlinks from reputable sites and visitors that are interested in your content. By creating high-quality content that contains the right keywords and qualities of SEO-friendly URLs, you can be able to target relevant audiences and niches and increase traffic from external sources.

3. Link building can improve your site’s rank on search engines. Google states that: “In general, webmasters can improve the rank of their sites by increasing the number of high-quality sites that link to their pages”. In other words, Google uses link building to determine how popular a site is, and they rank a site based on link building: the sites that have more backlinks tend to rank higher on search engines.

4. Link building can make your site credible because it indicates that a site is authoritative and highly recognized on the internet. Since the aim of all search engines is to provide users with the most relevant content and results, they consider the number of quality links directed towards each site or their pages; the more that links are directed towards a site, the higher that search engines rate the credibility of that site.

5. Link building can build or promote the brand of your site. Strong link building tells search engines that your content is highly relevant; based on this, search engines regard your site as an authority in its field or niche. By promoting your brand and expertise, you can convince people to find out more about the content, goods, or services offered on your site.

6. Link building can help you build relationships, reach out to other sites or businesses, and pass information about new content, activities, or promotions related to your business. Generally, link building can help you foster mutually beneficial long-term relationships with other sites or businesses.

7. Link building can attract more sales and generate revenue opportunities to your site; it can also enhance your referral business—if you have any: your sales can experience a boost if other sites link to your site because of how relevant its content is.

In addition, a boost in sales can easily bring back customers in the future.

8. Link building can reduce the bounce rate on your site. When someone visits a site and “bounces off” without viewing content, clicking a link, making a purchase, filling a form, or taking any action, then the person has made a “bounce”. Bounce rate is the percentage of your visitors that bounce off from a site.

Conclusion: To Initiate and Enhance Link Building on Your Site, You have to Create Original and Useful Content

In order to build links (link building), you need to earn links (link earning). You have to create something valuable in order to initiate link building: link building usually starts with content that is worth linking to. It’s almost impossible or very difficult to build links to low-quality content or web pages; on the other hand, if you have content that is valuable to people, and share-worthy, it’ll be much easier to initiate and enhance link building.

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