Wireless power transfer

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Inductive charging pad for LG smartphone, using the Qi system, an example of near-field wireless transfer. When the phone is set on the pad, a coil in the pad creates a magnetic field[1] which induces a current in another coil, in the phone, charging its battery. Wireless power transfer (WPT),Continue reading “Wireless power transfer”

Benefits of Qi Wireless Charging

One of the things we hear the most after consumers use Qi wireless charging for the first time is, “it’s so simple” or “how did I go without wireless charging before?” Most people don’t realize the convenience of wireless charging until they use it throughout their daily life. Have you ever experienced this before? [youtubeContinue reading “Benefits of Qi Wireless Charging”

Qi wireless charging everywhere? It’s coming.

Image courtesy of Aircharge Now that new iPhone models that feature Qi wireless charging are in the hands of consumers, it seems wireless charging will become even more pervasive in public locations than it is today. Soon, everywhere people go, they won’t have to struggle with having to carry wired chargers and hunting for powerContinue reading “Qi wireless charging everywhere? It’s coming.”

WH-10B Universal Holder for smartphones with Qi wireless charger

The SCHMITT WH-10B Universal Holder uses the latest technology called inductive loading. The Qi holder comes with a magnetic plate which can be attached to your smartphone via removable 3M strip. In this way, you can clip your smartphones fast and easy to the smartphone holder. The holder itself is permanently connected with the 12 VContinue reading “WH-10B Universal Holder for smartphones with Qi wireless charger”

Qi standard

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Qi The Qi logo, consisting of a lowercase “q” with a semicircle-esque “i” with a circle on top Status Active Year started 2008; 10 years ago First published 2008; 10 years ago Latest version 1.2.2 Organization Wireless Power Consortium Committee Wireless Power Consortium Domain Inductive charging License Open standard Copyright Logo andContinue reading “Qi standard”

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