How to Nest Pages in WordPress

Published 25.03.2021 by Schmitt Trading Ltd

In WordPress, there are two ways of publishing information: blog posts and pages.

Pages are meant to stay as they are and where they are, while blog posts continuously move in a flow of new blog posts.

To learn more about how to build an internet archive, read my blog post How to Create an Internet Archive.

If you published with WordPress before and missed the latest changes, here is how to nest pages in WordPress:

To create a new page, click My Site, Pages:

Click Add New.

Pick a pre-defined layout or start with a blank page:

Add a title and start writing:

When you enter your title (e.g. Business Ideas), WordPress automatically fills the permanent link URL slug:

In the old days, you only had to add a parent page to nest your new page as child:

Scroll down to Page Attributes and select the Parent Page from the list:

Publish your page. Done.

Nowadays, with the new block style, you need to take some more steps to nest a child page below a parent page:

Go back to My Site.

Scroll down the left menu bar and click Appearance, Customize:

Click the Edit icon in the Primary Menu:

The Primary Menu opens:

Scroll down and click Add Items:

Open the folder pages and click the desired page to be nested:

Grab the newly added page with the Select icon and move it to the desired place in your menu:

When you are done, click Save Changes:

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