Introduction of EURUSDCCH1

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The EURUSDCCH4 robot trades in the H1 chart of the EURUSD chart.

This is why this robot can make up to five losses per day. This meant 130 points lost on 08.06.2020.

Expert advisor: EURUSDCCH1_EA

Symbol: EURUSD

Period: H1

Testing period: 01.01.2020 – 31.10.2021

Initial deposit: 2000.00

Total Net Profit: 1370.10

Balance drawdown maximal: 203.70 (10.18 %)

Yield curve EURUSDCCH1

Estimated yearly return EURUSDCCH1:

Initial deposit: 2000

Total Net Profit: 747.32

Yearly return: 37.36 %

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